A woman is only a shade less happy with her engagement than her wedding. This being so, the occasion of engagement calls for something special and what fits the bill more than the engagement ring that her loved one is going to slip on her finger?

The invention on the part of the husband-to-be should show itself in choosing the engagement ring. He can select the ring himself or, if convention allows it, ask his beloved to accompany him to the jewelers.

Designing jewelry has taken a whole new avatar post-computer era. There are literally millions of designs based on the computer programming. Subtlety is what some people want. On the other hand, some like to flaunt their flashy rings to one and all. Some tread the middle ground and settle for something ordinary but unique.

Gold rings with a single diamond may look better on some girls while a ring studded with gemstones may be the right one for some other girls.

A stylish white gold ring or a platinum ring can look dazzling. It is really the bride-to-be who should have the right to choose.

One is spoilt for choice as far as jewelry shops go. There are international brands with endorsement by celebrities who are recognized the world over. Contrary to popular belief, big shops do not automatically mean big price tags. Small and obscure shops are also to be seen in every town and city. Irrespective of the size of the facility, you can get different weights like 14, 18, 22 karat gold.

Online sale of rings are doing roaring business. One can avoid the hassles of visiting a jewelry personally by utilizing the option. One does not have to hesitate buying from a website. For, you have various guarantees that ensure you get the right stuff.

Whether online or offline, it is the prized possession of an engagement ring that you bought that adds to your sweet memories.

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