The Truth About Getting Engaged

You never really know how it feels until you actually experience it, but once you get engaged your whole world takes an entirely new and different dimension. It’s true! The chances are, the day it happens, you’re not going to be ready for it, most of them actually aren’t and that’s pretty much the best thing about it: it’s going to be a surprise like a sucker punch to the face, but in a good way. There is no way you can be prepared for it; it will just happen when it happens, but some good things will follow once it finally does.

Besides the obvious flood of emotions due to that sudden happiness, afterwards, you won’t be able to keep your eyes away from your hand for no more than 5 seconds. Your mind won’t be able to wander too far away from the matter, so you’ll always find yourself back to that ring signifying that cliched engagement.

In addition, your friends and family members will share in your bliss, and on countless occasions, you’ll probably retell the story of how it happened more times than you’d care to recount. Beware though, not all of your friends will be happy about your then renowned status. Sure enough, maybe one or two of those friends will be envious, hence they won’t be supportive in all that follows, but that is but nature. Your best of friends will have your back, nonetheless, and they’ll probably show it by doing more than you intended them to; don’t be surprised having a wedding that is far from what you’d initially envisioned for yourself. You will have countless wedding planners at your disposal.

From a more personal note, you won’t be able to stop yourself from watching wedding shows and movies alike. Every time you get the chance, you’ll just have your fill of them. However, out of all you’ll experience, the most notable thing you’ll experience is the change your relationship will have once it happens. That is largely because of the commitment you just placed yourself in. It’s a huge responsibility, but such is what you’d expect from a cliched engagement.

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