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Williams Lake TimberWolves

Annual Awards Banquet

More than 250 people packed the Elk's Hall for the Williams Lake TimberWolves 2004/2005 Awards Dinner. The following is a list of the various individual honours and recipients.

Six ‘graduating' TimberWolves' players who completed their final season of junior hockey were given a “Seniors' Sendoff,” which included the presentation of their respective home jerseys.

Those players are Les Reaney, Dave Krisky, Bryce Dale, Zach Geiszler, Kevin Galan and Josh Murray. All six players also were awarded College Scholarships in 2004-05 as well.

The Williams Lake TimberWolves would like to thank all the fans, corporate partners & volunteers for helping to ensure the teams tremendous success!

Past Awards Winners

Each Year local sponsors donate Achievement Award Trophies for outstanding achievements on and off the ice. Below is a list of award recipients. The Williams Lake TimberWolves would like to thank the organizations and businesses involved.

Most Valuable Player (RS)
2002/03 John Mazzei
2002/03 Jocelyn Guimond
2003/04 Jake Morissette
2004/05 Les Reaney
2004/05 Josh Murray
Top Goaltender Award
2002/03 Peter Mandoli
2003/04 Peter Vetri
2004/05 Andrew Braithwaite
Scholastic Achievement
2002/03 Jake Morissette
2003/04 Alex Greenlay
2004/05 Mike Leidl

Most Valuable Player (PO)
2002/03 None
2003/04 John Mazzei
2003/04 Les Reaney
2004/05 None

Top Forward
2002/03 John Mazzei
2003/04 Mike Fournier
2004/05 Dave Krisky

Fan's Choice Award
2002/03 John Mazzei
2003/04 Dave Simoes
2004/05 Tyler Mazzei

Top Scorer (Season)
2002/03 John Mazzei
2003/04 John Mazzei
2004/05 Les Reaney

Rookie of the Year
2002/03 Bryan Gallagher
2003/04 Josh Murray
2004/05 Cody Brookwell
2004/05 Tyler Mazzei

Most Sportsmanlike
2002/03 Ryan Stattner
2003/04 Dave Krisky
2004/05 Mark Ehl

Top Scorer (Play Off)
2002/03 None
2003/04 John Mazzei
2003/04 Mike Fournier
2004/05 None

Kevin Matherley Mem.
2002/03 Ryan McMullan
2003/04 Dustin Honing
2004/05 Josh Murray

Humanitarian Award
2002/03 G & L Pigeon
2002/03 Brad Lawryk
2003/04 Sherry Bullock
2003/04 Andy Paquette
2004/05 Tom Betsill
2004/05 Dale Moon

Top Defenceman Award
2002/03 Aaron Peace
2002/03 Matt Gow
2003/04 Dave Simoes
2004/05 Steve VanOosten

Most Improved Player
2002/03 Jared Bremner
2003/04 Zach Geiszler
2004/05 Duane Whitehead

Fan of the Year
2002/03 Lori Johnson
2003/04 Dale Taylor
2004/05 Rolland Harry
2004/05 Dylan Custaloe

Jim McGonagle Memorial
2002/03 Chris Tarkir
2003/04 Aaron Peace
2004/05 Dustin Honing

Three Stars Champion
2002/03 John Mazzei
2003/04 Jake Morissette
2004/05 Les Reaney

Collision of the Year
2002/03 Aaron Peace
2002/03 Marcel Bruinsma
2003/04 Bryan Gallagher
2004/05 Les Reaney

Sponsor of the Year
2003/04 Panago Pizza
2003/04 Cariboo GM
2004/05 Bob Graham LTD.
2004/05 WL Tribune

Unsung Hero
2003/04 Mike Fournier
2004/05 Alex Greenlay

Cornerman Award
2003/04 Les Reaney
2004/05 Trent Manchur

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